Mokomoto (Molemen Must Die) – Factsheet

Developer: Mokomoto

Based in Australia

Release Date: 03/22/17


Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/SteamOS

Regular Price: $2.99 USD

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Molemen Must Die (Debut, 2017)


Your president has been insulted by the Mole King and it’s up to you to defend his honor and claim revenge! Escort an unfeasibly huge bomb to the center of the earth in endless falling platform action. Brace yourself for ridiculous deaths at high speed as you equip a bounty of spectacularly overpowered weapons and bizarre power-ups that constantly shake up your tactics. Take on the Molemen and their allies, evading and attacking as they try to destroy you, your bomb and your one objective – REVENGE!

  • Tactical falling action! Fall in style and fight your way deep into the earth in this endlessly descending platformer!
  • Hours of arcade gameplay! With constantly changing power ups, environments, weapons and enemy types, no two rounds will ever be the same!
  • Death has its perks! A random game-changing power is gifted to you with every death; pray for that perfect killer combo that will lead you to explosive glory!
  • A gun for every situation! From expanding lasers to the bizarre decommissioned shell launcher, equip a plethora of unique weapons to find the perfect tool for every job!
  • Explore the underground! Blast your way from the City of the Molemen to the Jungles of the Geckos, with no passport required or recognized!
  • Compete with the world! Show your friends you’re the greatest crazed killer in the world by climbing the leaderboards, and pull off the best death-wish mission ever!
  • Full controller support! Nobody can challenge your freedom to stay on the couch forever, with full controller support; perfect for Steam Big Picture!
  • Razer Chroma support! Get more enjoyment out of your $200 light-up keyboard as you watch it react to how you play!


Leaping from his career in Community Management and back to Game Development, Matt Kelly started Mokomoto with the goal of delivering big, exciting experiences for diverse audiences, without forgoing difficulty and a sense of mastery in the process. Pulling on industry experience and teaming up with a variety of dedicated and talented people, Mokomoto games deliver thoughtful, mechanically-focused and effective experiences that deliver a takes on today’s society and politics, while also blowing up a lot of stuff along the way.


Launch Trailer

Greenlight Trailer

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Matt Kelly – Designer/Artist

Lewis Walton – Programming

Ben Ouchirenko – Music

Aimee Williams – Logo and Branding Design

Lumi Consulting – Marketing Support