Let’s Play Policy

We incredibly encourage you to make videos of any and all of our games, and do whatever you want with them, to the extent that it feels almost totally redundant writing a ‘policy’. What an era we live in, right?

To spell it out though, feel free to use whatever video and audio recordings you make of our games to create your content. We don’t require you to push any particular angle, and encourage you to just do what you want.

We also greatly encourage you to not starve to death pursuing your dream of being a content creator, so please feel free to monetize the video however you like!

We would LOVE you to put links to our relevant store and social pages in your description, though this isn’t a requirement.

Molemen Must Die on Steam: www.store.steampowered.com/app/602120

Our website: http://www.mokomoto.com/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mokomotogames

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mokomotogames

If your video happens to be absolutely amazing, we might grab a bit of it to use in our own videos. We love a good quotable quote! If you definitely don’t want us to do this ever, feel free to tell us at press@mokomoto.com

And lastly, most of all, we hope you have fun with our games! Drop us a link at press@mokomoto.com if you want to share something with us 😀